Power Distribution Line

Empowering Communities, Energizing Progress

Our Distribution Line EPC solution at Cosmic Electrical focuses on the last-mile connectivity that powers homes, businesses, and industries. We design, construct, and maintain distribution networks with unwavering commitment to reliability and safety. By providing seamless electricity flow to end-users, our distribution lines ensure constant and stable power supply, contributing to progress and prosperity.


Last-Mile Connectivity

Distribution lines primarily focus on the “last mile” connectivity of electrical power from substations to end-users. They carry electricity from the main grid and distribute it to homes, businesses, and industries.

Urban and Suburban Areas

Distribution lines are commonly found in urban and suburban areas where the demand for electricity is high. They serve densely populated regions and established communities.

Infrastructure Expansion

These projects involve expanding and maintaining the existing electrical distribution infrastructure to ensure a consistent and stable power supply to end-users.


The primary goal of distribution lines is to provide a reliable and continuous supply of electricity to meet the demands of residential, commercial, and industrial users.

Featured projects


The Khimti Neighborhood Development (KIND) Project focuses on the comprehensive Survey, Design, Supply, Delivery, Installation/Erection, and Testing & Charging of the Power Transmission & Distribution Line for the Haluwa Khola Mini Hydro Project in Ramechap, Nepal. Covering an 11kV Line spanning 50 km and a 0.4 kV Line extending 170 km, this initiative significantly enhances electricity accessibility, spurring economic growth, fostering job opportunities, and promoting skill development within the local community.

Furthermore, the project actively contributes to improved healthcare, education, and overall community development, aligning seamlessly with sustainability goals by reducing dependence on conventional energy sources. The client overseeing this impactful endeavor is the Khimti Neighborhood Development (KIND) Project, based in Khumaltar, Lalitpur.

33 kV Kapilakot

The project, titled “33/11 kV, 6/8 MVA Substation and Bay Extension at Kapilakot, Sindhuli, and Construction of 33kV Line,” involves the comprehensive scope of supplying, delivering, installing, testing, commissioning, and handing over a crucial 33/11 kV, 6/8 MVA Substation and Bay Extension at Kapilakot, Sindhuli. Additionally, the project encompasses the construction of a 33kV Line, both underground and overhead, from Sindhulimadhi to Kapilakot.

Beyond addressing power infrastructure needs, this initiative brings substantial social impact by improving healthcare and education services. The incorporation of both underground and overhead lines underscores a commitment to environmental sustainability, adhering to contemporary standards and fostering community well-being. The project is commissioned by NEA, DCSD, CRED.


The project, titled the “11/0.40.23kV Electrical Distribution Network,” encompasses the supply, delivery, installation/erection, testing, and commissioning of this network within the distribution area of Mahakulung Rural Municipality, Mahakulung, Solukhumbu. This initiative, undertaken for the Nepal Electricity Authority’s Community Rural Electrification Department, transcends expectations and demonstrates remarkable technical proficiency.

It stands as a testament to overcoming challenges, empowering communities, and fostering enduring development. The Chronicle of this distribution line unfolds as a story of not just electrification but as a transformative force driving empowerment and community advancement.


The Khatyad Khola Birabagar Sera Mini Hydro Subproject Sukadhik in Mugu District, Nepal, specifically in Package 2 focusing on Transmission and Distribution Line, is poised to make a significant impact on the region. Executed under the patronage of the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre, this endeavor holds the promise of fostering economic growth and enhancing the quality of life for the local population.

By facilitating the transmission and distribution of clean energy, this project not only aligns with sustainable practices but also addresses crucial socio-economic aspects, marking a positive stride towards a more prosperous and sustainable future for the community in Nepal.


The project, titled “0.440/0.230 kV Distribution Line (LT) at different places of Gorkha Distribution Center; Gorkha (Election Region-2, Ka),” involves the comprehensive supply, delivery, erection, stringing, testing/commissioning, and handover of the 0.440/0.230 kV Distribution Line (LT) at various locations within the Gorkha Distribution Center, Gorkha. Executed for the Nepal Electricity Authority, this initiative is poised to have a significant social impact by enhancing electricity availability.

The improved access to electricity is expected to catalyze advancements in vital sectors such as education, healthcare, and agriculture, thereby contributing positively to the socioeconomic development of the local communities in Gorkha.


The project involves the establishment of an 11/0.4 KV Electrical Distribution Network within the distribution area of Samudayik Bal Bikash Awam Mahila Jagaran Kendra in Katari, Udayapur Package-C. The comprehensive scope encompasses the supply, delivery, installation/erection, testing, and commissioning of the electrical distribution network.

Undertaken for the Nepal Electricity Authority, this initiative extends beyond infrastructure development to generate significant social impact. The reliable electrical supply is poised to catalyze improvements in education, healthcare, and local businesses, thereby positively influencing the socioeconomic conditions of the community.