Power Substations

Enabling Robust Electrical Hubs for Uninterrupted Power Supply

At Cosmic Electrical, we specialize in Substation EPC solutions that form the vital hubs of electrical distribution. Our expertise in substation design, construction, and maintenance guarantees efficient power management and distribution. We bring precision and innovation to substation projects, ensuring the reliability and continuity of electricity supply in even the most demanding environments.


Featured projects

30 MVA, 132 kV Line Bay
Himal Steel

We are dedicated to advancing energy infrastructure with our project titled “11 kV Double Tier VCB Switchgears.” This initiative encompasses the supply, delivery, installation, testing, and commissioning of 24 sets of 11 kV Double Tier Switchgears. Our commitment extends beyond technical excellence to the broader goal of fostering sustained regional development through enhanced operational efficiency and reliability in energy systems. Our valued client for this project is Himal Iron & Steel (P) Ltd.

6/8 MVA, 33/11 kV Substation
Kapilakot Sindhuli

The project, titled “33/11 kV, 6/8 MVA Substation and Bay Extension at Kapilakot, Sindhuli, and Construction of 33kV Line,” encompasses the supply, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning, and handover of a 33/11 kV, 6/8 MVA Substation and Bay Extension in Kapilakot, Sindhuli, alongside the construction of a 33kV Line, incorporating both underground and overhead components, from Sindhulimadhi to Kapilakot. This undertaking, commissioned by NEA, DCSD, CRED, holds the promise of profound social impact by ensuring broader access to reliable electricity, thereby fostering economic growth, job creation, and skill development within the local community.

6/8 MVA, 33/11 kV Substation
Tumlingtar, Hile

The project involves the establishment of a 33/11 kV, 6/8 MVA Substation at Tumlingtar, Sankhusabha, encompassing the entire process from Design, Supply, Delivery, Construction, Installation, to Testing & Commissioning. Beyond its technical aspects, the upgraded substation is poised to be a pivotal force for enhancing local services and symbolizes a dedication to sustainable development, promising a more empowered and prosperous future for the residents of Tumlingtar. The client overseeing this transformative initiative is the Nepal Electricity Authority, Biratnagar Province Office.

132 kV Line Bay
Lower Solu

The 132kV DC Lower Solu Hydro Electric Project, conducted by Solu Hydropower Private Ltd., involves the proposed route alignment survey from the Powerhouse to the substation for the 132kV D/C Transmission Line. This survey represents a pivotal undertaking in the progression of sustainable energy infrastructure, poised to guarantee a dependable power supply for local communities. The initiative reflects a commitment to advancing environmentally conscious development and fostering a positive social impact within the region.