Power Transmission Line

Powering Connectivity, Lighting Lives

At Cosmic Electrical, our Transmission Line EPC solution is the backbone of reliable power distribution. We excel in the design, construction, testing and commissioning of high-voltage transmission lines (up to 400 kV) that ensure the seamless transportation of electricity from generation sources to distribution networks. Our commitment to precision, safety, and efficiency results in transmission lines that connect regions and illuminate lives, empowering progress in the energy sector.


Featured projects

220 kV Tamor

Embarking on the 220 kV Transmission Line Works for the Middle Tamor Hydropower Project (73 MW), our involvement spans the entire spectrum of tasks, from check survey and design to supply, manufacturing, factory testing, inspection, approval, delivery, erection, installation, and testing & commissioning.

As we approach project completion, this underscores our unwavering dedication to providing transformative solutions in the energy sector. The endeavor not only aligns with our commitment to powering progress but also plays a pivotal role in enhancing regional connectivity and fortifying the foundation for sustained socio-economic growth. The project is conducted for Sanima Middle Tamor Hydropower Limited, reflecting our commitment to delivering high-quality results.

132 kV Beni

The project titled “132kV SC Upper Solu Khola Hydro Electric Project” involves the comprehensive scope of designing, manufacturing, testing, delivering, installing, completing, and commissioning a 132 kV Transmission Line for the Upper Solu Khola Hydroelectric Project, covering a 12 km circuit length.

Beyond its technical aspects, the project aims to make a notable social impact by strengthening the national power infrastructure, catalyzing economic development, and contributing to overall societal progress. The client for this endeavor is Beni Hydropower Project Pvt. Ltd., contracted by Sanima Middle Tamor Hydropower Limited.

132 kV Mailung

The 132 kV S/C | D/C Transmission Line Project for Mathillo Mailung Khola Jalbidhyut Aayojana encompasses comprehensive tasks, including meticulous surveys, innovative design, and streamlined supply chain management. This involves the entire process from manufacturing, factory testing, inspection, and approval by the Employer, culminating in the delivery, erection, installation, and thorough testing and commissioning of the 132 kV Transmission Line.

Beyond its technical aspects, this project goes beyond to symbolize our unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of progress and advancing energy connectivity. The client for this significant endeavor is Mathillo Mailun Khola Jalbidhyut Limited.

132 kV Mewa

The 132 kV Transmission Line project, named Mewa-Changhe, encompasses the construction of a double-circuit transmission line from Mewa to Changhe, encompassing all mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, and architectural components under a single-point responsibility framework. This initiative not only demonstrates our dedication to enhancing national connectivity but also plays a pivotal role in facilitating efficient energy transmission and fostering regional development.

The client for this endeavor is Rastriya Prasaran Grid Company Limited, reflecting a collaborative effort towards advancing critical infrastructure for the benefit of the nation.