Rural Electrifications

Empowering Communities with Access to Electricity

Bringing light to lives is at the heart of our Electrification EPC solution. We are dedicated to connecting communities to the grid, expanding access to electricity, and fostering progress. Our electrification projects encompass everything from designing and implementing last-mile connections to rural and urban regions, making us a driving force behind the electrification of lives and industries.

Vector drawing of a rural highway in Canada with a flat bed truck and a semi driving down the road.


Extending Access

Electrification projects aim to extend access to electricity to areas that are currently not connected to the power grid in general. They target remote, rural, and underserved regions where there is no existing electrical infrastructure.

Rural Areas

Electrification projects are often focused on rural areas and remote villages where the population density is lower, and connecting to the main grid may be challenging.

Community Development

These projects go beyond connecting individual homes and businesses. They are often linked to community development efforts, aiming to improve the quality of life, stimulate economic activities, and enhance living conditions.

Off-Grid Solutions

Electrification projects may involve off-grid or decentralized solutions such as solar power, microgrids, and other alternative energy sources when connecting to the central grid is not feasible.

Featured projects


The Khimti Neighbourhood Development (kIND) Project encompasses the comprehensive undertaking of the Survey, Design, Supply, Delivery, Installation/Erection, Testing & Charging of the Power Transmission & Distribution Line for the Haluwa Khola Mini Hydro Project in Ramechap, Nepal, covering an 11kV Line of 50 km and a 0.4 kV Line of 170 km. Beyond the infrastructural advancements, this initiative stands as a crucial stride towards sustainable development, positively impacting education, healthcare, and the overall well-being of the community it serves. The client for this transformative project is the Khimti Neighbourhood Development (kIND) Project, based in Khumaltar, Lalitpur.

Taplejung Minigrid

The 11 KV Transmission Line Project in Taplejung, Nepal encompasses a comprehensive scope involving survey, design, supply, delivery, installation/erection, testing, and commissioning of an 11 kV transmission line. This initiative is poised to make a transformative social impact by providing the region with a dependable power infrastructure. By doing so, it contributes positively to education, healthcare, and the overall well-being of the community, demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainable development and progress. The client for this project is the Taplejung Mini Grid Development Function Group in Taplejung.


The Khatyad Khola Birabagar Sera Mini Hydro Subproject in Sukadhik, Mugu District, Nepal, specifically Package 2 covering Transmission and Distribution Line, is undertaken with the aim of fostering social progress. As a commitment to sustainable energy infrastructure, the project endeavors to elevate living standards and promote overall progress in the region. The client for this initiative is the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre.


The project, titled “Distribution Line at Bijulikot, Ramechap,” encompasses the Supply, Delivery, Installation/Erection, Commissioning, Testing & Handover of a distribution line in Ramechhap, Nepal. This initiative goes beyond providing electricity infrastructure; it reflects a dedicated commitment to sustainable development, pledging long-lasting positive effects on the socio-economic landscape of the region. The project is carried out for the Nepal Electricity Authority in Ramechhap, marking a step towards enhancing accessibility, economic growth, and community well-being.