Madhu Babu Bokka

Mr. Madhu Babu Bokka, a highly accomplished Chief Operating Officer (COO) with a remarkable 22-year history of success in Project Management, Techno Commercial Operations, Tendering, and Business Development, specifically within the Power sector.

With a B.Tech in Civil Engineering, Mr. Madhu has been instrumental in driving our team’s exceptional growth and innovation. His extensive experience spans globally, collaborating with major clients across India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Burundi, Uganda, Oman, UAE, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Mauritius.

Renowned for his forward-thinking approach, Mr. Madhu cultivates a culture of continuous learning, motivating our team to explore cutting-edge technologies and deliver solutions that set industry standards. He welcomes clients seeking innovative digital solutions and professionals ready to contribute to a dynamic team, inviting them to connect and join a journey of growth, innovation, and digital excellence.