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Launching Power: Project Modi Kusma Initiates 132 kV Transmission Line and Bay Expansion with Symbolic Ceremony

Pioneering Progress!  Embarking on an exhilarating journey as the Project Modi Kusma 132 kV Transmission Line and Bay Expansion kicks off with a symbolic coconut-breaking ceremony. Survey work is in full swing, signaling the initial stride towards a transformative and electrifying future!

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Heartfelt Celebrations: 23 Years of Excellence and Compassionate Giving

Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence with Heartfelt Giving: On the occasion of our 23rd anniversary, we spread joy by sharing love with the children in Orphans’ homes. As we commemorate Nepal Sambat 1144 today, let us be reminded that compassion transcends boundaries. Here’s to a legacy of generosity, growth, and care. Gratitude for every shared […]